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A coastline blessed abundantly by Nature, a land famed for its rich history, sun-kissed sands that entice every visitor with its charming beauty – the Poompuhar Beach is one among the finest beaches in Tamil Nadu for a number of reasons.

It is not often that you would come across a coastal destination that is filled with history and abundant natural beauty. The rare combination of these two aspects is what makes the Poompuhar Beach so special. Once a legendary port city that witnessed many historic events, the town of Poompuhar is today one of the most visited tourism destinations in the region – thanks to the impeccable beauty of the Poompuhar beach that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of visitors.

The ancient beach of Poompuhar is located along the Bay of Bengal, thus reflecting the natural bliss of the region. Poompuhar was a port that flourished as early as the 4th century BC. It was once the capital of the historic Chola empire and was called Kaveripoom Pattinam or Puhar. Today, one of the principal attractions of Poompuhar is its natural and splendid beach. Picturesque and poetic, these golden sands is a venue of amusement and entertainment to people from all parts of the world. The beach begins from the river Kaveri and stretches around 3 km to the north towards Neithavasal. A granite boulder can be seen on the shore which was built to prevent erosion.

One of the most important days that is celebrated on this beach is the “Chitra Pournami”, around the April-May season. People gather on the beach to take a dip and celebrate the day in great joy. Silapathikaram Art Gallery, a seven storied structure that showcases the Sangam and post-Sangam era can also be seen near the beach.


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