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What if you get to enjoy a lot of what you wish for in a single trip, and in a single destination! That is what Krishnagiri is – a strip of land that offers a discerning traveller a variety of joys and forever memories

There are some experiences that you simply cannot put in to words. They are to be lived, felt and enjoyed. When at Krishnagiri, you will know what that feeling is all about. A historic land that showcases its cultural vibrance, Krishnagiri is also famous for its stunning landscapes, forts, rivers, temples, museums and a number of blissful spots that any visitor would love to be in. 

The word Krishnagiri translates as Black hill, an attribute the place gets from its black granite deposits. It is believed that the town has been in existence since the Paleolithic age as rock carvings and carbon dating has been discovered from these surroundings by archeologists. The town was in different courses of history ruled by a number of dynasties including the Cheras, Cholas, Vijayanagar and Pallavas. 

Known for extensive farming activities, Krishnagiri is famed for its mangoes, thus earning it the nickname ‘Mango Capital of India’. The district of Krishnagiri produces 300,000 tones of mangoes every year and this makes mango farming, processing and juicing a big industry in the region. 

There is something for everyone in Krishnagiri. History buffs can enjoy the old-world charm of the Krishnagiri Fort and for pilgrims, there are a number of wonderful temples to visit and relish a spiritual experience. Nature lovers will instantly fall for the mesmeric beauty of the Thali valley and the mountain range. The Krishnagiri dam and its surroundings too make up for an excellent vacation spot.

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