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Welcome to Tamil Nadu!

A potpourri of vibrant cultures, exotic destinations and enduring memories; welcome to one of the heartlands of human civilization.
Tamil Nadu - where stories never end.

Places to visit

Discover Tamil Nadu's unique destinations - from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to soothing beaches and hill stations.


An ideal destination for honeymooners, solo travellers, family vacationers and also individuals who simply want to travel with friends

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Tranquil, graceful and steeped in Tamil culture, Madurai is the place to lose yourself in the streets and take a journey to discover the divine.

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Picture-perfect sunsets, enchanting full moon nights, scrumptious coastal food, walk by the azure waters - Kanyakumari can always leave you asking for more.

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Here is where images from the past come together to paint the collage of a glorious city. A work of art in itself

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Verdant valleys, with their enveloping blankets of mist, and lush mountain ranges offer a warm welcome to visitors

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If you're looking for some of the best travel experiences to explore in Tamil Nadu, you've arrived at the right spot!

Brihadeeswara Temple Brihadeeswara Temple
Mamallapuram Shore Temple Mamallapuram Shore Temple
Airavatesvara Temple Airavatesvara Temple
Gangaikonda Cholapuram Gangaikonda Cholapuram
The Nilgiri Mountain Railway The Nilgiri Mountain Railway


Tamil Nadu, the cultural capital of India, boasts of five UNESCO World Heritage Sites which you should not miss

Things to do

From paragliding to scuba diving, from taking heritage trails to watching cultural activities, there is plenty to do, learn and experience in Tamil Nadu. Know more about what this enchanting land has to offer you.


Soar like a bird and flit like a butterfly and cherish the ecstasy and fun of flying. Tamil Nadu offers some of the safest parasailing spots in the country that will enable you to savour breathtaking views of its iconic landscapes.

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Head to the sandy beaches of Tamil Nadu to ride on the rolling waves, to slice through the thundering breakers, to plunge into the depths and to feel the adrenaline rush.

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The hiking trails of Tamil Nadu always offer a warm welcome to anyone seeking such solace.

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Scuba Diving

Get ready to feel the thrills as you scuba dive into the pristine waters, and explore the magical flora and fauna flourishing there.

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Leave the commotions of mundane life at home, and pack your bags for an exciting expedition through the trails and wildernesses of Tamil Nadu.

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Here's a list of top attractions in Tamil Nadu that you must experience at the very next opportunity.

Eat & Drink

Treat yourself to the taste of Tamil Nadu. Immerse yourself in the unique stories that simmer in the state's gastronomic pot.

Lip-smacking snacks

Lip-smacking snacks

The crunchy Murukku should be added to your list of must-try food in Tamil Nadu.

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Cuisines of the Tamil Land

The delectable cuisine of Tamil Nadu is a culinary style which dates to antiquity and has since influenced the other states of South and South-East Asia.

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Explore the regional cuisine of Tamil Nadu

Next time you visit Tamil Nadu explore beyond idli, vada and sambar. Instead savour each regional cuisine that boasts of unique cooking methods and spices. They have been backed with heirloom family recipes, ancient culture and traditions, community history and external influences.

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Sweet Savouries from Tamil Nilam

No meal can be treated as complete without the desserts. The indulgent desserts of Tamil Nadu are exquisite and nutritious. Most are healthy preparations using less sugar and include healthy proteins like green gram and chickpea.

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A relic of bygone Chola power & prosperity

The great Chola king, Rajaraja II (1143 CE –1173 CE), built the Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram, which is ranked only third after the two famed Chola temples of Thanjavur and Gangaikondacholapuram. Read more...

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Explore the Surreal Kolli Hills

Dazzling through the woods on top of hills of the Eastern ghats is the road that bends the most. Located in the high altitudes of the Eastern ghats, the Kolli Hills derive their name from the Goddess who guards the hills-ettukai Amman, also called the Kollipavai. Run wild and free in the unrevealed greenery.

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The mountains are calling...

Check out these five lesser-known but pristine hill stations of Tamil Nadu that will certainly leave you spellbound. Explore the unexplored.

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Festivals & Events

Check out the latest festivals and events to add to your next holiday.

Saraswathi Pooja


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