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A visit to Vaidehi falls combines the joy of trekking along the forest and immersing yourself in the refreshing water.

Located in Narasipuram village, the walk to Vaidehi falls is exciting. Gear up for a calming stroll, listening to the chirping of birds and faint, distant sounds emanating from deep inside the forest. As you get closer, your ears open up to the gentle gurgle of water which slowly transforms to the sound of gushing water.

Once there, take in the breathtaking beauty and soak up the stillness and silence in the air. Let go of all your worries and spend some quality time and return rejuvenated. Take care while wading into the waters and enjoy your time, frolicking and taking a shower in the waterfall. The pristine water and the dense forest elevate the mood  and no wonder people don't mind walking along the nicely laid path in the forest to this beautiful waterfall. The scenic beauty with the lush greenery makes for a splendid view. This waterfall is just 35 kms away from Coimbatore. 

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