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The annual India Tourism and Industrial Trade Fair has returned to Island Grounds after a two-year hiatus.

Travel industry leaders can open up new business chances at the 47th India Tourism and Industrial Fair in 2023. Learn about the highlights of Tamil Nadu Tourism's decades-long commitment to providing travel operators with opportunities and innovation.

This trade show for travel, tourism, and industry enables tourism businesses, entrepreneurs, and travel agents from all over the state to exhibit and showcase their brands, along with accommodations and hospitality services, well-known tourist destinations and attractions, and cutting-edge travel technologies. The three-month-long fair will begin on January 4, 2023, in Chennai's Island Grounds.

The TTDC has planned virtual reality tours, selfie stations, evening cultural shows, and a food court. The fair will, as usual, include private shops and play equipment.

The fair began in 1974 and runs for 70 days in December and January, covering the Christmas and Pongal holidays.




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