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Bicycle Ride in Kodaikanal

When summer kicks in full swing, there is an exodus of holiday footfall to the hill stations. Kodaikanal is often referred to as the "princess of hill stations," and is often the most popular destination during the summer months. And in Kodaikanal, Kodai Lake is a popular destination among travellers. Your summer pilgrimage to the princess of hill stations would be incomplete without a visit to Kodai Lake. It is the epicenter of all the fun and action in Kodaikanal.

Surrounded by the northwestern Palani Hills range, Kodai Lake is a charming beauty that occupies a place in the hearts of every visitor. This pristine man-made lake, over 150 years old, has an abundance of scope for entertainment and thrills around its shores. Though there are many modes of travel available to go around the lake and explore its surroundings, hopping on a bicycle is the best option.

Cycles are available for renting near the lake. Pick one and hop on for a fun ride around the lake and its many secret treasures. You can spend hours enjoying the cycle ride along the lakeshore, relishing the warmth of the summer sun and the cool breeze from the lake. Don your summer wear and pedal along as much as you please, as there is no dearth of entertainment along the shore of Kodai Lake. Right from a regular farmer’s market where you can purchase local produce to a nursery hidden in the woods surrounding the lake, there is all sorts of fun waiting around the lake to be had. If the summer biking gets a bit tiring, take a break and enjoy a refreshing ice-cream or a warm tea, and then continue your exploration and fun ride along the windy shores of Kodai.

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