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Boat Trip in Kodaikanal

Fancy going for a boat ride on a pristine, clear freshwater lake located in between scenic mountains? The boat club in Kodaikanal is where you should head for a hassle-free boating experience while visiting the princess of hill stations. Drop by the boat club in Kodai Lake and enjoy a serene boating experience in Kodaikanal with your loved ones in the lap of nature.

No travel itinerary for Kodaikanal is complete without a boat ride on the pristine waters of Kodai Lake. A landmark of the hill station, Kodai Lake is a serene freshwater lake set against the picturesque backdrop of the mighty peaks of the Western Ghats. The lushness of tea gardens and eucalyptus trees fringes the rolling hills that form a tranquil lake shore. The chilly breeze blowing from the lake is scented with the rich aroma of pine and eucalyptus on the shore. Enriching the ambiance are the songs of the birds in the surrounding woods. There is no better getaway spot than Kodai Lake to relax and unwind with your friends or family.

Kodai Lake is the home of the Kodaikanal Boat and Rowing Club, which operates a boat house on the lake. For over 80 years, the boat house has enriched the tourists’ experience at the lake by offering a plethora of boating and related services. The boat house welcomes you with warm hospitality for a lazy afternoon on the lake on a paddle boat or a tour of the lake, its shores and nearby woods on a motorboat.

The afternoons are the ideal time to spend boating on the lake. The constantly rising fog from the lake is carried to the top of the hills by the winds away, giving a clear view of the entire expanse of the lake and a picturesque view of the surrounding hillocks and lush greenery on the slopes. Every evening, the sunset transforms the lake into a view straight out of a fairy tale. The crimson sun hiding behind the mountains makes the lake blush in rich shades of amber and red. Enjoying a leisurely evening, watching the carnival of colours during the sunset with your loved ones from a boat, dancing on the little waves of the Kodai Lake, will be an experience you will cherish forever.


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