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Escape the crowd and screaming noises of the concrete jungles and get away into the wilderness of Tamil Nadu. Blessed with mighty peaks, opulent vegetation and alluring waterfalls, Tamil Nadu offers countless camping spots that offer a serene ambience.

Best Camping Destinations in Tamil Nadu

Yercaud: An underexplored jewel hidden in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats is Yercaud. With its pristine atmosphere and scenic beauty, Yercaud makes for an ideal destination for campers in search of tranquillity. Pitch your tents in any of the picturesque locations in Yercaud and indulge yourself in a long trek to explore the wilderness and its many attractions like Yercaud Lake and Kiliyur Falls.

Meghamalai: Nestled in the green jungles of Western Ghats are the beautiful ranges of Meghamalai. Often underexplored, Meghamalai has hidden many secret gems within her woods. The beautiful hills are ideal spots if you wish to enjoy a tryst with Nature.  There are enthralling destinations like dams, misty mountains and pristine streams at the end of uncharted trekking trails. The soothing calm of tea estates veiled in a thin layer of fog is guaranteed to lift your mood and get you ready for a day of adventure and exploration.

Yelagiri: Around 100 km away from Vellore is the picturesque hill station of Yelagiri. With its beautiful orchards, hazy green hills and mesmerising rose gardens, Yelagiri is an ideal spot as a camping destination. Located far away from the fumes and clatter of urban locales and preoccupations, Yelagiri is where you should head for if you wish to take in a breath of pristine air.   It also gives you a rare opportunity to stargaze at night. Yelagiri valley also offers facilities for paragliding.

Kodaikanal: Being one of the most popular hill stations in India, Kodaikanal does not need any introduction. The pristine lakes, misty hills and the majestic view of the valley are all too familiar for travellers. The outskirts of the Kodaikanal town offer several serene camping spots. The quiet surroundings and greenery, together with the proximity to the key attractions in Kodaikanal, make it an ideal location to pitch your tent and explore the wilderness near the hill station.

Ooty: Among the many adventures offered by Ooty, the opportunity to trek and set up a camp in one of the countless sites is the most ideal way to cherish the unblemished scenery of the blue hills. 

The campsite in Ooty offers the most comfortable location to enjoy the tranquillity of Nature. The all-weather tents, set up in the midst of calm and lush scenery of the Nilgiris, will ensure a comfortable stay while providing the chance to play in the lap of Nature. With a variety of packages on offer, the campsite is an ideal destination. With friends or family, you can enjoy the serenity of Nature and indulge in star-gazing at night.

The cool breeze from the Avalanche Lake makes the Avalanche Camp in Ooty an ideal location to head to if you are in search of some quality time outdoors. Fringed by the mountains of Nilgiris, Avalanche Lake and its pristine landscape will take you away from the hustle and bustle of mundane life and offer a much-needed rest. With facilities for forest safari, trekking, fishing and cooking your own meals, Avalanche Camp will be an unforgettable experience to treasure forever.

Aravenu Camping offers an opportunity to live in the camp set up outdoors  against the backdrop of the idyllic village of Aravenu. A quaint little hamlet in Kotagiri, Aravenu is blessed with impeccable landscape and pristine Nature. It is an ideal location to get away from the noises of urban life and indulge in exploring Nature. With facilities to enjoy a bonfire and barbeque, Aravenu offers an under-explored camping destination where you can be truly one with Nature.

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