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Kodaikanal is often nicknamed as the princess of hill stations. With its mighty peaks, rolling hillocks, vast valleys and countless lakes and waterfalls, Kodaikanal is truly a paradise on earth. Now you can explore the wilderness and have fun and play around in this beautiful landscape by joining the ecotourism package offered by the Tamil Nadu Forest and Tourism Departments.

On the slopes of the Western Ghats is the picturesque hill station of Kodaikanal, a popular tourist destination that needs no introduction to travellers. With its countless attractions and breathtakingly spectacular spots, Kodaikanal has a memorable experience to offer every holiday-maker. Exploring all of its pristine woods and picturesque landscape while maintaining the sanctity of the hill station can seem like a daunting affair to some. At the end of the day, Kodaikanal is a rich platter of attractions that can leave tourists overwhelmed by its awe-inspiring beauty. To help tourists find their slice of heaven in this vast and diverse landscape, the Tamil Nadu State Departments of Forest and Tourism have come up with an eco-tourism package with a plethora of destinations and attractions to choose from.

Pine Forest: One of the famous spots in Kodaikanal, Pine Forest is the best example of the conservation of virgin woods and surrounding landscapes. Scented with the sweet fragrance of pine, the eerie atmosphere of the Pine Forest is the perfect spot to be one with nature. Home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, the Pine Forest is a calming and refreshing experience for travellers with a curiosity to learn more about nature. A stroll through the seemingly endless rows of tall pine trees standing tall and veiled in a thin layer of fog is a surreal experience you must not miss when visiting Kodaikanal.

Bison Medu: Lush green slopes of hillocks with thickly growing tall grasses is a landscape you will find all over Kodaikanal. This beautiful landscape is home to a vast variety of animals, and the most majestic of them is the Indian Bison. Trekking the vast and undulating slopes of Bison Medu is a key attraction of the eco tour package offered. The lucky travellers get a unique opportunity to see the giant bison up close.

Munnavanur Grasslands: This vast green ocean of grasslands is blessed with a pleasant chilly climate and the presence of fog all year round, giving a surreal aura to its atmosphere. These grasslands boast a pristine, blue lake in the middle of them and a winding trekking trail.

Various packages of eco-tours are available that cover the various underexplored virgin landscapes of Kodaikanal. The package can be customized depending on the demands of the tourists and includes facilities for accommodation and food. The package covers safaris and transport options as well.

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