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Tamil Nadu is resplendent with symbols of heritage but the landscapes it encompasses boast of a number of hiking trails that have the magical quality to put you at ease. While some of its routes lead to temples and the soothing spiritual atmosphere that surrounds it, some of these routes are to be enjoyed for the sake of the journey itself. While the wilderness of some trails can be a thrilling challenge, some others,  with its misty breezes and sanguine air, can carry you effortlessly to a world of ethereal beauty and uncommon delights.

Best Hiking Spots in Tamil Nadu

Pallavaram Hill Trail:  Surrounded by the bountiful greenery of the Guindy National Park, this trail allows you to enjoy a glorious view of the city once you reach the end. The track, as rewarding as the view you get on reaching the top of the hill, will leave you with a desire to keep walking. Covering a distance of 2.3 kilometers, the scenic path will send you to raptures and allow you just the right amount of time to refresh your body and mind without tiring you out. Take your time out to appreciate the charming beauty and endearing chirps of the birds that flutter through these trials as you climb up, and find yourself connected with yourself and Nature.

Melmudi Ranganathar Temple Trail: This route, near Bilichi, offers a fair amount of challenge, spanning 9.5 kilometers, and leads you to the peace and tranquillity typical of the traditional temples in Tamil Nadu.  The path itself is rich in indigenous flora that is sure to spike your curiosity and tickle your senses. This hike will take a little over 4 hours to complete but will gift you enough time to savour the depths of solitude and calm. 

Perungalathur Hill Trail: If walking amidst the rugged, untouched and raw charm of Nature is the sort of pleasure you look for in a hike, this route that meanders through 4. 5 kilometres through the lush spots of greenery is the one to pick. The moderate incline of this climb might race your heartbeat, but the pleasant acquaintance you may make with the friendly local dogs that stroll around these trails will definitely ease your mind.

Renga Malai Temple: Covering a moderate length of 3.1 kilometres, this trail near Aravkurichi is rich in greenery, as it is full of overgrown herbs and shrubs. Unencumbered by human interruptions, the vegetation here sprawls proudly. Making your way through these gloriously enchanted ways that lead to a temple can be a humbling and meditative experience that you will always cherish. The herbs and plants in this path will remind you once again of the wealth of well-being and nourishment running through the veins of Tamil Nadu.

Yercaud Top Hike: If you want to take in the charm of the beautiful and the rare Kurinji flowers that bloom only once in twelve years, Yercaud valley is the place to be. While the valley of Yercaud offers a number of trails, the hike via Yercaud top is the most popular. This route is so serene and beautiful that it usually attracts a lot of hikers. The bliss of the winter mist can soothe your heart, and the charming colours of the seasonal flowers that bloom everywhere in the vicinity  are sure to enliven you. 

 When the monotony of daily life demands a refreshing break, the hiking trails of Tamil Nadu can offer you comfort and assurance, by allowing you to wander languidly and help you connect with yourself.


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