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Off Roading

You are likely to feel quite at home on an off-roading vehicle when it is out there bashing dunes and slugging out of the slushes. However, the mettle of the explorer in you  is tested only when you are in the wild, traversing the uncharted tracks. Tamil Nadu and its diverse landscapes offer countless off-road challenges to those willing to venture into the dirt and test the limits of their muscle strength and machine power.

For off-road junkies, Mahabalipuram is the most favourite destination in Tamil Nadu. A preferred destination for countless off-road drives conducted by various off-road enthusiast groups, Mahabalipuram offers several options for both open and closed terrain drives. Mahabalipuram and its off-drives, conducted throughout the year, pose a variety of challenges like sand, slush, rock and gravel tracks. By enrolling yourself into any of the off-road drives conducted all year round you can be part of an off-road community based around Mahabalipuram with a keen spirit of adventure and healthy sense of camaraderie. 

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is a favourite destination in the Western Ghats for off-road adventures. Kolukkumalai, being the highest tea growing estate, is accessible only via 4-wheel drive vehicles. The treacherous trail winding through the rolling hills of the tea estate is guaranteed to test your persistence and off-roading abilities. A drive that is almost a day long will take you to the top of the estate where you can relax and have a casual stroll around the tea estate.

Javadi Hill is another popular destination for petrolheads to head to if they wish to test their off-road skills. Known as the Ooty of Vellore, Javadi Hill is an extension of the Eastern Ghats and home to several scenic waterfalls and trekking trails. The rocky trails of the hill are ideal spots for a challenging session of rock crawling. There are innumerable attractive spots of scenery that could be set as a final destination of an off-road drive with your buddies. During monsoon season the rocky trails of the hill turn into slush and pose a different challenge to off-roaders.

Step on the gas and venture into the unknown to conquer the never-ending off-road challenges that Tamil Nadu has to offer. Chase the enthralling thrill of bashing the unexplored and cherish the camaraderie that develops along the way.


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