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Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the crashing waves of the blue waters of the sea? A heaven of magical creatures and beautiful coral reefs. All it takes is a curious mind willing to embark on the adventure to explore these rare gems of Nature. The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Bay of coastal Tamil Nadu are home to coral reefs found in India. Often called the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are rich in biodiversity and are found only in the waters of tropical areas with certain specific salinity and temperature levels. Scuba diving spots dotted along the coastlines of Tamil Nadu offer you the rare opportunity to plunge into the blue water and experience its magic.

Chennai ECR is the hotspot of scuba diving in Tamil Nadu from where numerous scuba diving facilitators operate. The unique attraction of Chennai ECR is the opportunity it gives you to indulge in night diving. If watching the corals and fauna unique to the ecosystem during the day is magical, no words can truly describe the enchanting experience of night scuba diving. Plunge into the depths to see the underwater world getting magically transformed as the sun goes down. The mystery and magic of the world beneath the waters doubles as the nocturnal organisms emerge and colour the dark blue waters with their fluorescent hues.

Highly customizable packages are available which can be tailored to fit the demand and expertise of the diver. Fun diving for casual divers and detailed training courses for serious enthusiasts by trained and certified divers are available across the diving spots.


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