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With their incredible hospitality, it’s no surprise that a few temples in Tamil Nadu painstakingly keep up the tradition of feeding their devotees as well as travellers visiting the temple with scrumptious delights. The food provided at the temples in Tamil Nadu have been almost developed into a brand, with mouth-watering offerings made to God.

Each temple dish is unique to its location and has a distinctive taste that is hard to recreate. The dishes are created following the old rituals and culinary traditions. The common temple dishes provided across the state would include Puliodhare, Kesari, Venn Pongal, Sundal, Sakkara Pongal, Sambhar rice and Thayir rice among others. 

The temple food is an offering made to God and later served to the devotees. Food connoisseurs, whether religious or not, flock to Tamil Nadu temples to get a taste of divinity through various temple cuisines. 

The Uppiliappan temple in Thanjavur is famous for its salt-free delicacies which are known for their incredible taste. The Sakkara (sweet) Pongal from Parthasarathy temple is a delightful dish made with generous amounts of ghee and cashew nuts added to rice, known for its tempting aroma and taste. The Pongal at Nanganallur Anjaneya temple is a time-tested recipe known for its iconic taste. 

The Srirangam Kovil Dosa, known as Sambara dosa, and Azhagar Kovil Dosa are savoury dishes made by drizzling spices that give a heady aroma. 

One of the must-taste temple dishes is the iconic Panchamritham, made of five amruthams (nectar) such as milk, honey, sugar, yoghurt and ghee, from the Palani temple, an incredible fruit mix which is much sought after.  

Brihadeeshwara temple in Tanjore is known for its flavoursome tamarind rice. The Curd rice offered at Jagannatha Perumal in Tirumazhisai is yet another food that rewards you with a happy stomach and a joyful heart. 

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Kesari is a delicious sweet recipe from Tamil Nadu served at temples or on special occasions. The mouth-watering Kesari that melts in the mouth with every spoon is an easy recipe whipped up using very few ingredients.

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