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A quiet farm town blessed with lush green landscapes, Kallakurichi retains an old rustic charm. Even with its village like character, this is a well connected place being in the middle of Chennai-Salem National Highways. With its lush greenery and presence of tourist spots with a rich history, Kallakurichi gives a lot to discover

The scenic hills, the famous temples and the very nature of the quaint landscape lend a special appeal to Kallakurichi. Gomukhi dam view point at Kallakurichi usually tops the list of most of the travellers. A man-made lake located in the Kalrayan Hills near Kallakurichi, it spreads an area of 10,800 acres during monsoon season and serves as a major water source to nearly 47 villages. 

Head to Megam Falls located at a distance of around 5 kilometres from Kallakurichi. At the foothills of the Kalrayan Hills in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, this waterfall is a must visit. Take a short trek down the hill to reach the falls. It may be a bit tricky, but the sight of cascading waterfalls is more than worth the try.  

You would love exploring the mountain range known as the Thiyagadurgam range. Believed to have been inhabited by Jain saints before the 7th century AD, the place preserves the idols installed by the Jains in their original form. A cavern temple and the ancient fort add to the attractions.  

Take a drive to the Kalvarayan Hills and take in the breathtaking sight of clouds nearly touching the peak of Vellimalai hilltop during monsoon season. Vellimalai has an unspoilt charm about it and beautiful hamlets are perched atop the hill. This is a place which is best experienced by walking and for the trekkers, the pull is irresistible. Discover the Jaina cave and two temples dedicated to Parsvanatha and Chanraprabha at Thirunarungondai in the hillock. You also get to see a cave which had served as the monastery of the monks of Virasangha in the 8th – 9th century A.D.


Megam Falls

If you love trekking, you will love the trek to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Tamilnadu. Take a short drive from Kallakurichi in Villupuram and walk down the hill to reach this beautiful waterfall.

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Kalvarayan Hills

Do you like the mountains? If so, make travel plans to the lovely Kalvarayan Hills, which are in Tamil Nadu's Eastern Ghats and 150 kilometres northwest of Chidambaram, hidden away in its own serene seclusion.

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