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Do you like the mountains? If so, make travel plans to the lovely Kalvarayan Hills, which are in Tamil Nadu's Eastern Ghats and 150 kilometres northwest of Chidambaram, hidden away in its own serene seclusion.

Discover the magnificent Kalvarayan Hills, a majestic range of mountains that separates the Kaveri and Palar river basins in southern India. The hills, which cover an area of approximately 1095 square kilometres, are made up of three spectacular ranges: the Pachaimalai, Javadi, and Shevaroy ranges, each of which is between 2000 and 3000 feet tall. These hills provide a fantastic journey for hikers and environment lovers alike. They are divided into the northern Chinna Kalvarayan and southern Periya Kalvarayan parts, which are 2700 and 4000 feet, respectively. Learn about the varied flora and wildlife species, attractive scenery, and adventure spots in these lovely hills. Make travel arrangements to the Kalvarayan Hills today to enjoy the wonders of nature!

Grassy jungles, deciduous forests, and Sholas cover the hills. You can also see the Gomukhi Dam at the foothills of the Kalvarayan Hills. The moderate climate of the hills makes it an ideal destination for trekking. Except for a few remote tribal villages, a major portion of the hill range is still not explored. The Malayalee Gounder tribe resides in the Kalvarayan Hills.

The hills contain two waterfalls (Megam and Periyar Falls), a stunning botanical park, numerous temples, and woodlands. A summer festival is celebrated in the hills every year in the month of May. You can see a beautiful botanical garden in the hills. Salem (about 70 km away) and Kallakurichi (56 km away) are the closest cities to Kalrayan Hills. From Kallakurichi, you can take buses to Gecherapalayam, which is located in the basement of the Kalrayan Hills. The closest railway station connecting the area to Chennai and Pondicherry is Villupuram Station. The Trichy airport is the closest to the hills which is 175 km away.


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