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Kottai Mariamman Temple

Visiting the famous Sri Kottai Mariamman Temple is a refreshing experience for devotees in many ways. It is a 500 years old temple in Dindigul of Tamil Nadu district. Mariamman is the Hindu Goddess of Rain in South India.

The place Dindigul is also famous for its Vasthu aspects. Dindigul fort is well-known for its beauty and grandeur. It is believed that there was an underground passage to Palani which was used by Tipu Sultan. The temple is situated just behind this fort, which is called “Kottai” in Tamil, and hence the deity is named Kottai Mariamman. Mariamman is gracefully seated with eight hands. She has a bow, a bowl, and weapons in her left hand, and a snake, trident, skull, and bell in her right. 

At the shrine's entrance is a copper-made post called Kamba Thadi. Nearby temples include those dedicated to Lord Vinayaka at the south, Madurai Veeran and Navagrahas at the north, Muneeswara at the back south, and Kaliyamman, Durga, and Karuppannasami at the north.  Devotees pray here seeking fertility and childbirth. It's also believed that worshipping Kottai Mariamman will cure diseases like smallpox and other chronic illness and disabilities. The idol is installed a little deeper in the sanctum sanctorum than the ones in other temples. On the fifth day, shortly after the new moon day in the month of Masi (February to March), a 20-day festival will be held in the temple. In some years, the celebration goes on for 30 days. You can visit the temple every day from 06:00 am to 11:00 am and from 05:00 pm to 08:00 p.m.

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