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A fast-growing urban conglomerate, yet a land where you can slow down, enjoying the innate beauty of the destination. Here is a city where you get to enjoy it all – history, leisure, culture, cuisine and what not.

On the banks of Thirumanimutharu Lake lies the serene city of Salem, one of the largest urban agglomerations in Tamil Nadu. A fast-growing centre for trade, industries and other commercial activities, Salem is a naturally blessed destination surrounded by lush greenery and hills. Blooming between four mountain ranges – Jeragamalai, Nagaramalai, Godumalai and Kanjanamalai Hills – Salem gifts the travellers some of the finest hill thrills they will ever experience. 

Presence of civilization in this region can be traced back to the stone age. Salem has a long history and has been in popular interest for many centuries. The region was ruled over by several dynasties and empires including the Cholas, Pandayas, Pallavas, Chalukayas and Hoysalas. To this day the lasting legacies that these dynasties have left in this area can be seen in the form of temples, monuments and other architectural marvels. Evidence of historic trade routes with the Roman empire has been discovered in Salem. Silver coins from Nero Claudius Caesar, an emperor who ruled over Rome, have been discovered; leading to the belief that Salem had ancient connections with the empire. 

Salem is a great destination for pilgrimage tourists and leisure seekers as well. The city is dotted with temples, some of which are famous all over the country. These temples are filled with mind-blowing artistic works and architectural features that reflect the affluence of the Dravidian architectural genre. Not to forget the enigmatic hilly terrains of Salem that makes the destination an ideal getaway for holiday seekers as well.

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