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The Kukkal Caves are amongst the oldest carved caves in South India and were once home to the Paliyans, the oldest settled tribes in the region. The Kukkal Caves are a must-have in the travel itinerary of any traveller looking for an expedition into the natural world, trekking the hillocks and exploring the caves.

A short journey of 40 km from Kodaikanal through the thickets of shawl trees and undulating meadows will take you to Kukkal Caves. The Kukkal Caves, being the highest point in Kodaikanal, are an ideal spot for a trek into the wild. The short trek to the hilltop, navigating the steep rocks and flowing meadows, will be a riveting and refreshing experience for the trekkers. You will be rewarded with a majestic view of the unending blue folds of the Nilgiris and the horizon-spanning lushness of the Manjampath Valley. The elevation of the hilltops gives Kukkal Caves a mystic ambiance with yearlong mist and intermittent rains. The gorgeous view of the wild bison grazing the rolling meadows of Manjampath Valley veiled in white fog is an unmissable experience in Kodaikanal. 

Hidden away in the eerie woods of the hilltop are the Kukkal Caves. The caves are believed to have been carved out by the Paliyan tribe, the early inhabitants of the hilltop. Exploring the caves carved out of overhanging slabs of various types of metamorphic rocks known as granulite and charconite and once used by tribals will be a unique experience for the travellers. 

Now a favourite destination of trekkers and campers, Kukkal Caves and its surrounding woods are an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and wander around in nature. In its pristine woods and eerie caves, the hilltop of Kukkal has hidden away many secrets, revealed only to the most ardent explorers. With prior permission from the Forest Department, you can safely wander around the pristine woods undisturbed and explore the secrets in the caves of Kukkal.


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