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Pudukottai has a laid back charm and tucked away in this quiet town are the remnants of centuries old civilization. Explore this town a bit and you will step into the glorious world of art, culture and civilization. Pudukottai still carries the legacy of ancient towns, rock cut cave temples, paintings and it is not a surprise that Pudukottai never ceases to catch the fancy of a tourist and a history buff alike.

This was a town which had housed an array of dynasties, each leaving a unique imprint. It doesn't matter if you are not so keen on history, you would still be moved by the monumental presence of buildings at Puthukottai like the rock cut cave temple (Kunnandar Koil). Made of pink granite in Vijayanagar style, the temple and mandapam attract tourists in good numbers and the presence of sculptures add to the appeal of this place. You can head to Kodumbalur, an archaeological site which finds mention in Sangam period literature classic Silapathigaram. This is a classic testimony to the brilliant Tamil art and architecture. 

The cave temples at Mallaiyadipatti are also worth exploring. You get to see ancient art bas relief and sculptures here. The place houses so many temples rich with ancient inscriptions and priceless artefacts that open a gateway to the glorious past.  

Relax yourself at Viralimalai, a bird sanctuary where peacocks flock in large numbers, much to the awe of the visitors. Head to Sittanvasal and walk along the village to discover the Sittanvasal cave and the earliest Brahmi Tamil script of the 2nd century. Do visit Tirukattalai where a megalithic burial site called Kalasakkadu is present. If you are in a mood to celebrate, bask in the festival of Viramakaliamman temple. Make sure you don't miss out on the Jain cave temple at Sittanavasal which houses magnificent fresco paintings dating back to Mahendravarma Pallava. For the visitors who arrive with families, a Miniature statue park, Children park, dancing fountain and boating jetty near the jain cave Temple are sure to give a good time.


Viralimalai Sanctuary

An undulating strip of forest land that allures any visitor with its unparalleled beauty and enigma; the Viralimalai Sanctuary, with its charmingly spread wings, is filled with unusual sights of beauty and is a must-explore destination. Come and live the experience for yourself.

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