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An undulating strip of forest land that allures any visitor with its unparalleled beauty and enigma; the Viralimalai Sanctuary, with its charmingly spread wings, is filled with unusual sights of beauty and is a must-explore destination. Come and live the experience for yourself.

In a locale famous for its amazing wildlife sanctuaries, here is one that stands out as a shining model. The Viralimalai Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful ones of its kind in Tamil Nadu. Primarily famous as a peacock sanctuary, this strip of land is rich with lush green meadows, a wide variety of trees and unpolluted forest land. Viralimalai Sanctuary is home to different species of peacocks, providing them a safe haven to live in. 

Located at about 30 km from Tiruchirapalli and 40 km from Pudukottai, the Viralimalai Sanctuary attracts tourists round the year. It is not common that you get to watch around 6 species of peacocks walking around and leaping high on their natural habitat. The Palawan Peacock Pheasant or "Tandikan" is of course the most beautiful ones among these peacock species. It’s such a joy to watch them in their full grace, in a safe place. 

Viralimalai is also famous for its Murugan temple located on the top of a hillock. Visiting this temple is a trek in itself and one will have to take 201 steps up the hill to reach the shrine. The temple and the surroundings of the town are also filled with a number of peacocks that add a tinge of extra colours to the destination. That is why Viralimalai is a perfect spot for you to visit and spend quality time with your family or friends.

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