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A land found in commemoration of a queen, who had to give up her life due to cruelly blind social traditions and faith; a destination that is buzzing as an industrial and tourism hub today – Ranipet is a city of wonders

The name Ranipet translate into ‘the place of queen’. So it is, a destination dedicated to the memory of one. Desingh Raja of Gingee, a 22 year old king was killed in a battle against Nawab Sadatulla Khan of Arcot. As per the cruel social traditions that existed during the times, the widow of the young king, committed ‘Sati’ by jumping in to her husband’s funeral pyre. This was a tragic story to live on for generations. 

In 1771, the then Nawab of Carnatic Sadat-ulla-khan built a city in honour of the young widow of the brave Desingh Raja. Out of respect for Desinghs valour and his wife’s devotion, the Nawab built a village near to Arcot on the northern banks of the Palar River. He named the place Ranipet, in commemoration of the young widow who had to commit suicide tragically following social norms. 

In the centuries to come, Ranipet became an important and strategic location for European settlements. During the time of the British, South India’s first rail operation was performed between Ranipet and Royapuram. 

Today, Ranipet is far from its troubled history. Ranipet district was carved out of the Vellore district in 2019 and has the town of Ranipet as its headquarters. The town is a fast-growing industrial centre known for leather production. Various leather accessories are produced here and exported to various countries around the world. 

The district of Ranipet also has various tourism spots that are ideal for both history buffs and picnic seekers.

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