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Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple

It’s splendorous, it’s elegant and it’s sacred – all at the same time. Here is where you find inner peace and a sublime connection to an ethereal bliss. There is something so divine about Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple that can only be experienced in person.

There are some places that leave a lasting impression in our minds; especially when it comes to places of worship, what lingers is the impressive aura of divinity. Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple has this undeniable charm that keeps you wondering. Be it the architecture of the temple, the quaint ambience it nestles in or the splendid sacredness that surrounds the place, Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple attracts devotees and visitors who wish to experience all of it, over and over again.

Located between Sri Ekambareswarar Temple and  Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kancheepuram, Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple is also known widely as Kumara Kottam Muruga Temple. The very location of the temple in between the other temples indicates the Somaskanda form, or the way in which Muruga sits in between his parents – Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma. The sacred Kanda Puranam that praises Lord Muruga was composed by Kachiappa Sivachariar in this temple. It is believed that Kachiappa Sivachariar kept his everyday writings near the idol of Lord Muruga at the temple and next morning found it modified and perfected; which has led to the popular belief that it was the lord himself who corrected and approved the Kanda Purana.

Though dedicated to Lord Muruga, the temple also has idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and a few other shrines and sculptures. Tuesdays and Krithigai are considered to be the most auspicious days of worship at this temple. Skanda Shashti in October/November and Vaikasi Visakam Festival in April/May are the most important festivals in the temple.

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