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A quaint, elegant home that takes you back in time, showcasing the way people lived back in the day; letting you muse on the inherent cultural richness of the destination and fascinating you with its simple charm.

Understanding history is a way of understanding ourselves better. Without knowing how people lived and interacted with the society in the bygone eras, how else can we understand how far we have travelled. Kanchi Kudil in Kancheepuram is one such spot that showcases the affluent cultural vibrance of the region. It takes you on a trip back to the yesteryears and shows you the simple, yet meaningful ways in which these people lived and thrived in this splendid destination.

Located at the Sangeetha Vidwan Nainar Pillai Street in Kancheepuram, Kanchi Kudil is a heritage museum that showcases the normal lifestyle and past heritage of the town. Kanchi Kudil was an ancestral home and welcomes you with its splendid and traditional interiors. The old-fashioned 90 plus years-old home is well preserved and maintained. Exhibits including utensils, furniture, costumes and so on are well taken care of for the visitors to see. Many paintings that depict the lives of locals are exhibited, throwing light into the social traditions that existed during those days. There are photographs of women wearing amazing South Indian jewellery. Master bedroom, children’s room, a worship room, open courtyards, verandahs and a backyard are parts of the building where families lived in the past.

There are descriptions on the history of Kancheepuram and about the temples in the region. There is also a collection of exquisite handicrafts for tourists to buy. Also, artisanal exhibitions and craft fairs are conducted here during the peak tourism season.

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