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St. Mary’s Cathedral

If you are in Madurai, you can’t miss out on visiting the famous St. Mary's cathedral. With its stupendous bell towers and marvelous architecture, the cathedral is a popular destination in Madurai.

The religious significance and architectural beauty of this cathedral make it a most frequented site. More than 150 year old, it was initially built as a small chapel by Fr.Garnier. Also known as the Church of Our Lady Dolours, this is a fine testimony to the brilliant blend of various European styles of architecture. The church was renovated in 1916, making it more spacious.

In 1938 Bishop's throne was installed here. The church was elevated to the status of cathedral in 1969. The pristine ambience coupled with the religious aura of this church draw people in great numbers. The church is devoted to Vyagulamatha also known as Vyagulamtha Koil. Two fine bell towers built in Roma style add to the architectural brilliance of this church. 

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