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Here’s where the divinity of sacred places of worship meets the bounty of Nature. Tenkasi is a destination to immerse deep in blessings – of temples, waterfalls, hills and more. Explore Tenkasi, experience the many surprises it has in store for you.

There are some destinations that you will simply not be able to cover fully in one visit. No matter how much you get to experience and explore the place, there will still be those unticked boxes of spots to visit or experiences to live. Tenkasi, a picturesque strip of land that will for sure make you feel this way. A box of veiled surprises, Tenkasi is waiting for travellers to come in and unveil the many amazing gifts it has for the world. 

Nicknamed the ‘Kasi of the South’, the town of Tenkasi came into existence as early as the 13th century CE. Temple inscriptions from 1384 during the period of Vira Pandya mentions gifting houses and villages to Brahmanas in order to recite Vedas and Purana in the temple. Tenkasi was a part of the Madurai region during the 16th century. Kasi Viswanathar Temple is the most prominent landmark in the town. The iconic temple boasts of amazing architectural brilliance as well as a serene setting on the banks of the Seevalaperi Pond. 

Located amidst the splendid Western Ghats, Tenkasi is a quaint destination that attracts tourists from far and wide. The Chittar River flows through the town and this makes the spot a truly lovely place for tourists to visit and hangout. The region also boasts of many beguiling waterfalls, the most attractive one being the Courtallam Falls. 

A destination of so many enticing experiences, in short.

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