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A serene, little town that has for years grown silently in the shadows of its big neighbour – Chennai; now a sparkling and sprawling urban centre with many big surprises within for a discerning traveller. Thiruvallur is waiting for you to explore.

Located on the banks of the Cooum River, Thiruvallur is a part of the Chennai Metropolitan Area. The growth of Chennai benefitted Thiruvallur over the time and thus we see a lot of developmental activities going on in the region. Despite being an industrial centre, Thiruvallur still embraces the glory of the past, as can be seen in various landmarks that adorn the region. 

The etymology of the name Thiruvallur itself is a factor of great interest and amusement. It is said to be derived from the Tamil sentence ‘Tiru evvul’. ‘Tiru’ means ‘god’ and ‘Evvul’ means ‘where do I sleep’. Thiruvallur is believed to be the place where God Veera Raghavar asked a saint for a place to be sleep for a night. Hence the name. The Veer Raghavar temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is one of the most important landmarks in the area to this day, visited by devotees and tourists from various parts of India. 

Though a mythical name, the history of the destination dates many centuries back. A string of regimes ruled over this place across the centuries. It starts with the 7th century Pallavas. Towards the end of the 17th century, the place came under the rule of the Mughal empire. Many parts of Thiruvallur witnessed bloodshed across the changing times, including the Carnatic wars and the battles for supremacy between the French and the English. 

If you love a bit of history, wish to go on a divine pilgrimage and like to be in a town that is fast-emerging as an industrial hub, Thiruvallur is where you need to be.


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