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Pulicat is an alluring town situated in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. Specifically, it is located on the seaward side of the Sriharikota island blockade, which serves as a launch site for Indian rockets. It separates Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal, some 60 km north of Chennai. This lake is the country's second-largest lagoon.

The Pulicat Lake, surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and a cutting-edge technology hub, offers something for everyone. This town has an extensive history. Its history dates back to 300 BCE when it served as a major port in the Bay of Bengal. As a British colonial town, it was also noted for its fishing village and health resort. In reality, their primary habitation ended up being in this Pulicat city. The British rulers were the final conquerors to occupy the town.

This lake is also the dwelling place of so many birds. You can see numerous migratory birds there between October to March every year. Although many different bird species are seen, the flamingos are notable because they populate the marshlands next to the lake in great numbers. Pulicat is home to a cottage industry where women make delicate products like jewellery boxes, masala boxes, and pouches from palmary leaves. The neighbourhood Palmyra Leaf Co-operative Society exports professional services and exquisite items created from palmyra leaves. 

Pulicat is also a thriving centre for seafood export along with white and Tiger prawns, jellyfish, finfish, and live lagoons, The closest railhead and airport are in Chennai. From Tirupati, it takes an hour and a half on the direct buses to get there from Sullurupeta. Those travelling by car can get to the place by travelling from Chennai to Nellore.

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