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Divinity is the first feel you experience at Thiruvannamalai. Throughout the course of your stay, you will find yourself delving deep in to the spiritual soul of this destination; also learning a thing or two about the blessing that we call life.

On the foothills of the Annamalai Hills nestles the picturesque city of Thiruvannamalai, alluring travellers with its quaint charm and divine feel. A cultural, spiritual and economic hub, Thiruvannamalai is one of the cities to be featured in Lonely Planet. The earliest recorded references of the city date back to the 9th century from Chola inscriptions. 

Much of the history of Thiruvannamalai revolves around the Annamalaiyar Temple, the most notable landmark in the region, which is quite synonymous with the city itself. The area was under the dominion of Chola kings for over 4 centuries. During the reign of the Hoysala Kings, Thiruvannamalai served as the capital of their kingdom. The region was a place of great interest and importance to various dynasties including the Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva, Vijayanagara empire and the Nawab of Carnatic. By the early 19th century, Thiruvannamalai fell under the rule of the British. 

The long and impactful reign of these prominent dynasties is what shaped the city of Thiruvannamalai that we see today. The impressive mark that they left behind can be seen and experienced everywhere in the destination. From temples to places of cultural importance and monuments, Thiruvannamalai reflects an unusual old-age charm that will embrace any visitor with warmth. Being a temple town, festivals are an important part of the social and cultural fabric of Thiruvannamalai; these are for sure splendid demonstrations of the rich legacy and heritage of the region. 

As a fast-growing commercial city, Thiruvannamalai seamlessly integrates its past with the present and puts forward efforts to make the future glowing.

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Arunchalaeswarar Temple

Nestled amidst the Tiruvannamalai Hill lies a majestic jewel of the ancient world, the Arunchalaeswarar Temple. Its towering presence stands tall, reaching towards the heavens with a grandeur that takes your breath away. It is a masterpiece of art and architecture, a sacred site that has withstood the passage of time and remains an enduring symbol of spiritual devotion and religious fervour.

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Jawadhu Hills

Welcome to the majestic and enchanting Jawadhu Hills, nestled in the verdant heart of Tamil Nadu. Here, nature is a symphony of grace and beauty, offering a haven for travellers to escape the bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the sublime magic of the world around us.

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Hotel Tamilnadu - Thiruvannamalai

Polur Road, Mathalangulam


Of serenity and spirituality

Enveloped in an ambience of spirituality, Thiruvannamalai is one of the most serene destinations in Tamil Nadu. Part 13 of an Outlook special on lesser-known destinations in the state.

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