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Lake views have a magical power to refresh out minds. Veeranam Lake, which is regarded as a priceless contribution by the Chola Dynasty, is a well-known tourist destination which you can visit with your dear ones to enjoy the pleasant and breezy weather.

This lake is located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. Veeranam Lake's water level has dropped to about 323 million cubic feet; however, it has a storage capacity of up to 1,465 to 1500 million cubic feet. It is one of the water reservoirs that supplies water till date to a metropolitan city like Chennai. Watching sunrise and sunset from this lake is a must-have experience.

Rajaditya Chola, a Chola prince and the first-born child of Parantaka I, constructed this lake between 907 and 955 A.D., during the Greater Chola period. The water body was given the name Veeranarayanan in honour of his father. Over time, it was changed to Veeranam. The Vadavaru River connects the Veeranam lake and Kollidam river. With a length of 14 km, Veeranam is one of the longest artificial lakes in the world. It was built by ancient people in the 10th century using only crude hand tools. This lake served as a model for the author Kalki's famous historical novel Ponniyin Selvan, which included a detailed description of the lake's grandeur and the way that numerous rivers flow into it in its opening chapter. It is a very calming and reviving experience to stroll around the lake and have picnics by the banks. To visit the lake, one must go all the way to Cuddalore, which is an incredible experience that is well worth the trip.

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