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The Green Valley view point is true to its name as it offers a splendid view of the valley that is 5000 ft. deep from this peak. Earlier known as the "suicide point" because of the dangerous slope, this area has now been transformed into a safe space where you can take in the beauty of not just the greenery sprawling through the plains and valleys, but also the Vaigai Dam.

The Green Valley View is the nurtured gem that Kodaikanal has for the many visitors who come to take in its natural bounty and the cool and pleasant climate. If you look down from here, you can see the hill station showing off its luxurious expanse of green valleys and plains. The scenery here is especially charming for it is ornamented by the exquisite Vaigai Dam. It is one thing to walk amidst the lush green expanses of Kodaikanal, but this point offers you a thrilling and magnificent bird’s-eye view of the entire valley.

The amalgamation of beauty and danger that this view embeds will stun and shock you at once, leaving you in a mesmerising trance. While one may feel powerful beholding the insurmountable depths of the valley, it is also likely that you will return feeling humbled in front of the majestic aura of the view. This view point is also frequented by monkeys who stroll about in the light fog.

The shopping markets around this spot are fun to explore as they offer a wide variety of articles and handcrafted souvenirs you can take home for your loved ones. You can also find delicacies such as hand-made chocolates in these stalls. The propensity of the view is definitely thrilling, and the experience as a whole can have a rather embalming effect. This spot is definitely versatile in its offerings!

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