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Deep inside this forest, life has a different tone; with rules and laws set by Nature that takes its own course. Here is where nature is at its best – calm, serene and also wild. Welcome to the Kanniyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary.

The southernmost tip of India, the confluence point of three major water bodies, a destination of historic and religious significance – Kanniyakumari amazes a discerning traveller with so many of its virtues. However, one might be wonder-struck to know that a locale known for its beaches and water bodies is also home to one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu. The Kanniyakumari  Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven that you just cannot afford to miss on your trip to the district. 

A protected area spread across 402.4 in the Kanniyakumari district, the sanctuary is one of the newest in India and was declared in 2008. Seven rivers have their origin in this forest including the famous Pahrali and Thamirabarani rivers. The sanctuary is widely known to be a tiger reserve. However the flora and fauna of the region is rich and diverse. The area is known to be a wildlife corridor with affluent biodiversity. There are several species of plants and the natural vegetation of this region represents southern thorn forests, dry deciduous, moist deciduous, semi evergreen forests and ever green hill sholas with grassy downs. The tiger reserve is also home to a number of animals including Indian Bison, Elephant, Nilgiri Tahr, Sambar Deer, Lion-tailed Macaque and also reptiles such as Indian Rock Python. You can also come across a variety of amphibians and insects that are not seen elsewhere.

The sanctuary and the adjoining reserve forests are also home to a number of tribal communities with ethnic ways of life.

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