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Dreaming of a delightful vacation by a splendid seaside where you can watch sunrise and sunset in all its glory? Or simply walk around the place, mesmerised by the enchanting beauty and historic virtues it treats you with? Welcome to Kanniyakumari.

The southernmost district in mainland India, Kanniyakumari is the richest district in Tamil Nadu in terms of per capita income and tops the state in Human Development Index (HDI), literacy and education. It has a varied topography with the sea on three sides and mountains of the Western Ghats bordering the northern side. Kanniyakumari is the only district in Tamil Nadu which is facing the Arabian Sea.  It is geographically a Cape, and it was known earlier as Cape Comorin. 

There are several centuries-old historic and religious sites in the district. Endowed with great natural beauty both along the coasts and mountainous interior the district has a rich variety of flora and fauna. The district is home to many practitioners of various branches of ancient India’s health tradition, including Siddha, Ayurveda and Varma Kalai. 

Triveni Sangham is at Kanniyakumari. The Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea meet here to give spectacular sunrise, sunset and moonrise. And it was here Swami Vivekananda found nirvana. 

Thirparappu Waterfalls, Manimedai, Mathur Aqueduct, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Udayagiri Fort, Vattakkottai, Vivekananda Rock and Chitharal Jain Rock Cut Temple are some of the popular tourist attractions in the district.

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Dreaming of a delightful vacation by a splendid seaside where you can watch sunrise and sunset in all its glory? Or simply walk around the place, mesmerised by the enchanting beauty and historic virtues it treats you with? Welcome to Kanniyakumari .

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Thirparappu Falls

It's a view that will fill your heart with euphoric contentment; the sight of a meandering jungle stream descending from a height and creating sparkles of silver on dark rocks. Thiruparappu Waterfalls in Kanniyakumari is indeed a sight to behold.

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Vattakottai Fort

An enduring symbol of a dynasty that once ruled over the region and a splendid tourism hotspot now visited by tourists from all over the world – Vattakottai Fort is not just a remnant of an empire, but also a source of great fascination.

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Sothavilai Beach

Take a stroll through these sands. Watch the waves hit the shore in perfect harmony. Listen to the soothing sounds of Nature. Be rejoiced. Be recharged. Be lost for words as you experience the Sothavilai Beach – in one of the finest shores in Tamil Nadu.

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Padmanabhapuram Palace

A mansion that tells many stories from the past – of kings, empires and royalty; flaunting its affluent beauty that boasts of the traditional Kerala architectural genre. Padmanabhapuram Palace will take you back in time and mesmerise any visitor with its quaint charm.

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Mathoor Aqueduct & Hanging Bridge

Here’s an engineering wonder amid lush greenery, that offers visitors breathtaking scenes of the stunning surroundings. Rivers, hills and the thrills of being one with Nature – Mathoor Hanging Bridge is a delightful place to visit and explore.

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Gandhi Memorial Mandapam

On the shores of the sea nestles a living memorial for India’s greatest son. The setting is calm and peaceful – just like the messages of the great man himself. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Kanniyakumari, showcases the life and teachings of the Mahatma.

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Chitharal Jain Rock Cut Temple

Atop a poetic hillock, amid the serene lushness of greenery, nestles a temple that is so enigmatic and enticing. It’s where Nature says its prayers silently, and we bow down before its eternal majesty. Chitharal Jain Rock Cut Temple is a living wonder.

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Thengapattinam Beach

Thengapattinam in Kanyakumari district is a less-explored, serene sandy beach fringed by coconut groves and palms. The vast, windswept beach is an ideal place to spend a relaxed and idyllic day and is perfect for just strolling through its endless shores.

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Thiruvalluvar Statue

The waves around remind the words of his poems; high and low tides full of varied emotions, so profound and elegant. The Thiruvalluvar Statue in Kanniyakumari is not just a splendid work of art, it is a masterpiece for generations.

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Amid the soothing sea breeze and dancing waves is a rock, so enigmatic and elegant. It’s a tribute to India’s greatest monk who took this land’s spiritual brilliance to the world. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is as timeless as the sage himself.

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Kanniyakumari Beach

Here is where natural wonders and man-made masterpieces converge to provide a mind-blowing view. It’s beautiful, inviting and majestic, all at the same time. The Kanniyakumari Beach located in the Southern tip of India is for sure one for ages.

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Sanguthurai Beach

Adorning the splendid coastline is a resplendent beach filled with golden sands and glittering experiences. Be lost for words and moods, as you relax on the beach, embraced by the warm hug of the cool sea breeze. Sanguthurai Beach is indeed a wonder coast.

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Vattakottai Beach

A sun-kissed beach that is located near to a glowing historic location; a venue to unwind and relax from the buzzes of city life. Welcome to Vattakottai Beach, one of the finest and most captivating beaches in Kanyakumari.

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Adi Kesava Perumal Temple

A quaint temple nestling in a splendid spot, emanating the vibrant charm of the good old days; with the glorious idol of Lord Vishnu resting serenely in the sanctum sanctorum. Adi Kesava Perumal Temple attracts pilgrims and visitors from far and wide.

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Suchindram Shree Thanumalayan Swamy Temple

What a marvel it is – a living tribute to the glorious Dravidian architectural style; a holy place of worship, yet a whole new experience of beauty. Thanumalayan Temple in Suchindram stands out for its amazing architectural elegance and divinity.

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Kanniyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Deep inside this forest, life has a different tone; with rules and laws set by Nature that takes its own course. Here is where nature is at its best – calm, serene and also wild. Welcome to the Kanniyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Bhagavathy Amman Temple

Right aside the resplendent sea nestles a historic temple that is among the most sacred in India. Adorning the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is the glorious idol of Devi Kanyakumari – a sight that makes anyone bow down in admiration.

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Kanniyakumari Wax Museum

It looks like a hall where the world’s famous celebrities have come together; hanging out with their fans for photoshoots and having a great time. The wax statues at the Wax Museum in Kanniyakumari is an interesting place to visit.

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St. Xavier's Cathedral, Kottar

Step inside and feel a calming presence around you; one that unwinds the twists in your mind and relaxes you instantly. That is one of the reasons why you should be visiting this divine destination – St. Xavier’s Cathedral at Kottar.

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On the sands of time

The southernmost tip of India is a charming town blessed with beautiful temples, historical monuments and serene beaches. Kanniyakumari has been and remains a preferred destination for tourists. Part 5 of an Outlook special on tourism in Tamil Nadu.

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