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Chocolates are one of the most sought-after lip-smacking sweets of all time. But only a very few would have seen the process of chocolate making. Chocoholics should not miss India's first ever chocolate museum, M &N Chocolate Museum in Ooty.

This M & N Chocolate Museum museum on the Ooty-Mysore road has entered the Limca Book of Records for making the largest chocolate bar of 18 metres in India. Founded in 2013, the museum educates us on the tools and techniques involved in the chocolate making process. Along with selling classic chocolate varieties, the shop also explains the history of chocolate making – a process as old as 1500 BC, when Mayans from the Mesoamerican civilisation made cocoa drinks from Cocoa beans. It takes us through the journey of chocolate right from extracting cocoa beans to harvesting, grinding, brewing, roasting, blending and manufacturing your favourite chocolate bar. It also educates us about the modern chocolate production method. From a variety of premium, vintage, and classic collections, you can select your favourite collection to gift your loved ones – be it dark chocolates, dark almonds or just plain chocolate!. The local family who runs the museum aims at creating awareness of the production of chocolates and their benefits. The charts and posters will further familiarise you with the chocolate production process. With more than 100 chocolates on display, the museum has mannequins dressed in chocolate clothes. There are also other structures and models made out of chocolates.

You can also handcraft your own chocolate and gift your friends with the help of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) chocolate kit. There will be a guide who will take you through the museum, which will be open to the public between 9.00 am/10.00 am and 7.00 pm. There are free parking facilities available at the museum. The entry fee to the museum is Rs. 20 per person and visitors are given the complimentary gift of wafers dipped in chocolate.


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