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The vastness of the deep blue sky that stretches to the end of the horizon, the majesty of the mist-drenched mountain chains that lends you a green carpet welcome, the embrace of the little joys of life that you’ve longed for – the Nilgiris is forever.

Life in the hills is a thrill like no other. The lushness of the greenery around, the chill bestowed by the cool climatic conditions, the bounty of Nature in full bloom – you will have very many reasons to spend quality time up there in the mountains. Words are just not enough to describe the feel of the stay when you are the Nilgiris – a vast mountain range that is an enchanting part of the blissful Western Ghats. 

Nilgiris is spread across the borders of three Indian states – Karnataka, Kerala and our own Tamil Nadu. With many hill stations and more fascinating experiences in offer, this range is a treat that you just cannot afford to miss on your trip. ‘Nilgiris’ translates as ‘blue mountains’, an attribute it gets due to the presence of Strobilanthes flower that fills the terrain. Indigenous tribal people have occupied this area for centuries. They include the Toda, Kota, Kurumba, Irula and Badagas. No historical evidence suggests that the Nilgiris were a part of any royal dynasties or empires. However by the beginning of the 19th century, the British had started developing these hills for the production of crops such as tea and coffee. Ooty, the most noted hill station in the Nilgiris, also served as the summer capital of the Madras Presidency which was under the British Raj. 

A highly multilingual and multicultural district, Nilgiris speak various languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Urdu, Badaga, even though the principal language prevailing in the region is Tamil. It’s a destination for a lot of diverse experiences.


The Nilgiri Mountain Railway

A vintage-themed train meandering up a track, gifting stunning views of hills and valleys; with you sitting back, relaxing and pondering about the majesty of Nature. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway offers the travellers truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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She is charming, she is classy, she is unique – she is the Queen of Hill Stations in India. Udhagamandalam, popularly known as Ooty is a hill station that will surely mesmerise you with its beguiling beauty.

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The Mudumalai National Park

The very best of the wilder side of Tamil Nadu, yet one of the most picturesque and sought-after ones too; it’s where Nature thrives and the majestic beasts of the jungles roam around freely. Mudumalai National Park is indeed a world in itself.

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Government Botanical Garden, Ooty

The Government Botanical Garden in Ooty, spread over 55 acres, is a mesmerizing tourist site that has been attracting visitors for years. Situated about 2400 – 2500 mts above sea level, the botanical garden was established by Marquis of Tweedale in 1897 with William Graham McIvor as the architect.

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Mukurthi National Park

It’s more than a national park. It’s a treasure trove of fascinating experiences that will surprise you beyond bounds. From jungle adventures to trekking trails and more, the Mukurthi National Park offers visitors spectacular treats that they will totally love.

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Ooty Lake

The picturesque Ooty Lake, also known as the Ooty boat house, is a much sought-after tourist attraction located in the midst of serene greenery. The Ooty Lake is an artificially constructed lake, built by John Sullivan in 1824.

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Pine Forest

A journey of just 15 minutes from Ooty town centre will take you to the famed Pine Tree Forests of Ooty. These scenic woodlands, obscured in a fleeting veil of mist, offer a delightful experience to all travellers.

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Lake Park, Ooty

An idyllic park to soak in the chilly weather that Ooty is known for, to sunbathe with the most picturesque sights to view, and to unwind.

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Deer Park, Ooty

The Deer Park in Ooty is the perfect place to observe these docile creatures in their natural habitat. Located on the banks of the Ooty Lake is another beautiful park, a favourite among wildlife lovers.

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Government Museum, Ooty

The Government Museum is a tourist attraction in Ooty where the tribal history and cultural background of the indigenous people are carefully documented, preserved and displayed. This place is very likely to awaken the history buff in you, and you can educate as well as entertain yourself by exploring the history and culture of the land.

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Catherine Waterfalls

A thick green cover of forest and plains with a carpet of tea plantation, add to it a double cascading waterfall, you get a picture of Catherine waterfall.

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Avalanche Lake, Ooty

Imagine waking up to a dreamlike sunrise over the misty mountains, spending a whole day hiking through lush woods and fishing in the blue waters of a serene lake. The Avalanche Lake in Ooty has that and more to offer to travellers looking to be lost in the beauty of nature.

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Flirting with the clouds above the Nilgiris is Doddabetta, the highest peak in Tamil Nadu. A spectacular trail with an unparalleled vantage point of Ooty at the end of it makes Doddabetta a rewarding trekking experience and the perfect spot for a fun-filled day out with family as well.

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Ketty Valley View

Fringed by the rolling hills of the Nilgiris and spanning the horizon like an endless green ocean is Ketty Valley. A picturesque view of over 14 quaint hamlets awaits travellers as they head to Ketty Valley, also known as the Switzerland of South India.

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Seek out the beauty of nature at its very best at Coonoor, the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri hills. For trekkers and tourists, the place serves up a lot to explore. Blanketed by the green cover of Nilgiri hills, it packs an array of attractions.

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Winding through the slopes of the Nilgiri Hills is the majestic river of Pykara. With its majestic waterfalls and pristine reservoir lake, Pykara reveals its true beauty during the monsoon and winter months. Located just 20 km from Ooty town, Pykara is a perfect getaway destination for honeymooners, backpackers and families.

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Nilgiris is not just about Ooty and Coonoor, relax and unwind in the quaint air of Kotagiri hills. From trekking to rock climbing, discover plenty of options to make your trip memorable at Kotagiri.

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Upper Bhavani Lake

The Upper Bhavani Lake is one of the best kept secrets of the Nilgiris. A pristine blue reservoir formed by a dam on the river Bhavani makes a perfect getaway spot for families and friends to enjoy a day out in Nature.

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Emerald Lake

Framed by the mighty peaks of the Nilgiris and the rolling jade hillocks of tea plantations, is the Emerald Lake. Yet to be discovered by most travellers, Emerald Lake and its under-explored landscape that reminds you of a fairy-tale make a perfect location to spend a day enjoying the awe-inspiring views.

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St Stephen’s Church

A church of great antiquity and impeccable architectural beauty, St Stephen’s Church is a remarkable landmark of Ooty that is a window into the long history of the queen of hill stations. The church, embellished with beautiful stained-glass windows and antique features, is a jewel in the crown of the queen of Nilgiris.

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Shooting Point, Ooty

Have you ever wanted to visit fairy-tale-like settings and recreate iconic scenes from your favourite movies? Head to Shooting Point in Ooty, where a picturesque view of unending green meadows and rolling hills veiled in thin white fog awaits you.

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Gudalur in the Nilgiris district has it all. Picturesque mountains, valleys, evergreen forests, tea and coffee plantations, all of which make this less-explored locality a compelling destination.

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Masinagudi is an experience no wildlife enthusiasts should ever miss. A captivating hill station on the Nilgiri mountains, Masinagudi is a part of the Mudumalai National Park situated on the road that connects Mysore and Ooty.

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Kalhatti Waterfalls

Imagine seeing majestic and jaw-dropping waterfalls after adventurous trekking for 3 kilometers? Immerse in the beauty of Kalhatti Waterfalls, located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Ooty. You can go on trekking to this destination from the Kalhatti village.

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Wax Museum

Don’t you want to see the look-alike structures of our freedom fighters?, the people whom we admire and look up to? The Wax museum in Ooty is an infotainment spot that offers an ideal break from natural sightseeing.

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Cairn Hill

An eco-tourism site in the Western Ghats, Cairn Hills offers a tranquil ambience near Ooty. If you are a trekking enthusiast and looking for a soulful trekking trail, then head to these hills which also is the house of one of the oldest Cyprus trees.

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Tea Trail in Ooty

Being one of the tea production districts, tea tourism is gaining traction in Nilgiris, especially among the hills of Ooty. Imagine walking through the misty hills covered in green over 6000 meters above sea level. Tea trails should be one of the itineraries of Ooty tourism.

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Tea Museum / Tea Factory, Ooty

The Nilgiris is one of the pioneers in tea production and export. Railway lines were built to transport tea from Nilgiris to Cochin. A large number of Indians are ardent lovers of this beverage which originated in China. To all the chai lovers out there! How about sipping your favourite drink directly from its production centre, amidst the lush green hills? It would be an experience worth a lifetime! The Ooty tea factory situated four kilometres away from Ooty city also has a tea museum

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Parsons Valley Reservoir

Who would not want to experience the wild trekking experience through the meadows and tribal hamlets? Pack your backpacks and head to Parsons Valley Reservoir, away from the bustling crowd to enjoy the calmness of nature and return with cherishing memories for a lifetime!

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Lake Boat House

Do not miss out on visiting South India’s biggest artificial lakes in Ooty. Located 2 km away from the Ooty bus stand and railway station, the Ooty lake is an ideal picnic spot for families and children with its boating facilities, garden, amusement parks, and 7D cinemas.

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M & N Chocolate Museum, Ooty

Chocolates are one of the most sought-after lip-smacking sweets of all time. But only a very few would have seen the process of chocolate making. Chocoholics should not miss India's first ever chocolate museum, M &N Chocolate Museum in Ooty.

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A village that is adorned with one of the oldest tea estates, a Pykara powerhouse and a beautiful lake surrounded by hills –is Glenmorgan village, located 25 km away from Ooty. There is also a dam in the tea estate. You can unwind in this picnic spot with family and friends.

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Stone House

How can you afford to miss seeing the first bungalow built in Ooty, that too in colonial British architecture?! Visit Stone House, situated three kilometres away from the Ooty railway station. The building has laid the foundation for developing Ooty as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

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Western Catchment

Unwind yourself in the cool climate amidst the green pastures. The Western Catchment area, a scenic spot 20 kilometres away from Ooty is the perfect destination to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lush green vegetation, beautiful streams and lakes make this place a heaven on Earth.

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Imagine unwinding in a picturesque village blessed with the beauty of all elements of nature like the gushing streams, jaw-dropping waterfalls, verdant hills and rich forest life. The village of Annaikatti, situated 30 meters away from Coimbatore offers you nothing less than a splendid and tranquil experience!

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Tiger Hill

Here is a chance to take a break from busting city lifestyle! Come off to Tiger Hills, 6 kilometers away from Ooty lying on the lower end of Doddabetta Peak. The sunrise and sunset at the hills are not-to-be-missed sights as it is the moment when nature is decked in orange and crimson colours.

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