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Sun-kissed beaches, sacred placed of worship, a bustling town that would embrace you with all its warmth – Nagapattinam has a way of making you feel joyful right from the very first moment you reach here. You will indeed be on your dream vacation.

From a quiet port town in the past to one of the most prominent tourism hotspots in Tamil Nadu. Nagapattinam has come a long way. Not without reason though. There is plenty to see and experience in the region. Pristine beaches, places of worship, picnic spots – Nagapattinam has it all. Besides, it also acts as a base for tourists who visit various nearby destinations like Velankanni and Sikkal.

If you love beaches, then Nagapattinam is for sure a must-visit, bucket-list destination. These sun-kissed sands are simply awesome for an awesome holiday. You can have sun-baths, play with the waves and have a great time on these shores. However, the beach isn’t the only factor that makes Nagapattinam a traveller’s choice. The city has an affluent history with a rich cultural significance. The city is famous for its inter-faith influences. People of different religious backgrounds coexist peacefully here. There is even a shrine where Hindus and Muslims pray together. You will also come across strong Buddhist influences in the region that makes the city a living beauty.

Nagapattinam was an important port town during the reign of Cholas. In the course of history, colonial powers like the Dutch and English held possession of the port town and left behind a rich legacy, relics of which we see and experience to this day. Some of the churches built in the area during the time are important pilgrimage and tourism spots today.

In short, here is a destination for all kinds of travellers.

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