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Velankanni Beach

Here is where serenity and divinity come together to create an ambiance that will fill your heart. As prayers fill the air, a beach with rare beauty welcomes you to this coast. Velankanni Beach is more than a shore, it’s an emotion.

There are some destinations that are famed across the world for certain reasons. Yet there will be more to those destinations that are lesser known to the world, still fascinating enough to be appealing to visitors. Velankanni is a classic example of such a town. Renowned for the Church of Our Lady of Health, Velankanni is also a cozy beach retreat that is visited by both pilgrims to the church and also leisure seekers. This makes Velankanni a unique destination in many ways.

One of the most scenic beaches in the east coast of Tamil Nadu, the Velankanni Beach is a picture-perfect and bustling holiday spot. Millions of people visit the beach every year, both as a part of their pilgrimage and even for sightseeing purposes. If you like the busy beach ambiance, then Velankanni is for sure a good place to be in. Velankanni is a region that is affluent in history. The pilgrim town was once a busy port that traded directly with Rome and Greece. Today, the town gets all its glory from the church and reflections of that can be seen in the visitors that flock by the beach all day. Located close to the Vellaiyar river, the very setting of the beach is stunning.

The beach is also a centre where you can shop for interesting artifacts and souvenirs. There are handicraft and textile shops on the beach, making it a shopping location too. Not to forget the fresh seafood stalls that serve the finest delicacies of the region.


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