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Tucked away in the captivating wilderness, high up in the serene mountain ranges, is a fascinating destination that is home to many species of exotic fauna and flora. Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the finest of its kind in Tamil Nadu.

The world is rapidly losing forest land, a factor that is adversely affecting the ecological balance of our planet. That is why it is important to conserve forest land not just for our generation, but also the future. The Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary was created with a purpose to accomplish this mission – to preserve wilderness and wildlife for the future generations. It’s an important step in conserving the Nature and making it ideal for animals and humans to coexist. 

Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the newest sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu. It earned the title of wildlife sanctuary in 2015. The sanctuary is located in one of the most beautiful districts in Tamil Nadu – Tirunelveli. What greets a visitor at the Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary is the picturesque landscape of the destination. The region is well-known for its majestic mountain ranges that offer a spectacular feast to the eyes. There are 29 mountain peaks that are a part of this region. These spots attract a lot of tourists from far and wide annually. Among these, Sivagiri Mala is the highest point at 1748 m. Some of the other famous peaks include Totti Malai, Kalli Malai and Aruitalai Mottai. 

Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area, spread across an area of 35,673.33 hectares and is a part of the Tirunelveli Forest Division. It is mostly covered with amazing hills and densely forested areas. The sanctuary also shares borders with tiger and grizzled squirrel reserves. 

The sanctuary is an amazing destination to be in and indeed worth many visits.

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