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Cut off from the rest of the world is a haven for wildlife, so serene and cozy. Take a look around and see how freely and joyously some of the rarest species on Earth make this place their beautiful home.

Protecting our wildlife is one big challenge that we have to make a priority. The animals in the wild face several key issues that are leading to a loss of habitat for them; a few among them are facing the threat of being endangered as well. This is why we need to step up and make their lives safe and happy. The Vallanadu Wildlife Sanctuary accomplishes this goal to a great extent. Not only is this a safe sanctuary for many amazing species of animals and birds, it is also a bio diversity spot that is crucial to the ecological balance of the region. 

Though home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, the Vallanadu sanctuary was created with an intent to preserve and protect blackbuck antelopes. It’s a beautiful sight to watch them come out of the shrubs and roam freely in their natural habitat. These beautiful creatures of the wild are preserved here with an intent to help them be safe from external harms and regenerate in numbers. Also sharing this neighbourhood with these antelopes are monkeys, wild cats, macaques, jungle cats, vipers, black-naped hares and so on. The area also provides a safe haven to many species of birds including horned owls, sparrows, crested-hawk eagles, jungle crows, peafowls, herons and so on. 

Covering an area of 16.41 sq. km., the Vallanadu Wildlife Sanctuary is located 35 km from the city of Thoothukudi. It’s a convenient and must-visit spot for visitors to Thoothukudi and neighbouring tourist places.

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