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What would you discover when you dive deep into the heart of a destination? You come across a lot of new experiences, meet with some of the most unique delights of life and take back pearls of memories that are precious.

When you go deep, seeking the soul of Thoothukudi, you will unveil a lot of fascinating facts and surprises. The splendid beauty of the Bay of Bengal invites you on one side. On the other is the old-world charm of the town that takes you back in time. In the middle of it all is a fast-developing port city that will amaze you with its urban charm. Doesn’t matter what you seek, Thoothukudi has it all for a passionate traveller. 

Thoothukudi, also known as Tuticorin is popularly known as the ‘Pearl City’ due to the pearl fishing that is carried out in the coastal belt of the city. One of the major seaports in India, the Thoothukudi port has a lush history dating back to the 6th century CE. The city has been ruled by many historic empires over the centuries including Pandyas, Cholas, Ma’bar Sultanate, Vijayanagar kings, Madurai Nayaks, Chanda Sahib, Carnatic kingdom and then the European settlements including the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. The influences of these empires and colonial powers are seen in one way or the other to this day, a factor that makes Thoothukudi an even more exotic destination to be in. 

The beaches of Thoothukudi are among the most popular attractions of the region. Enjoying the waves, the sun and the sands in this area is boundless joy. There are many parks for families to hang out and enjoy quality time together. Besides that the temples and churches of Thoothukudi are divine places of worship visited by many from all over the country.

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Vallanadu Sanctuary

Cut off from the rest of the world is a haven for wildlife, so serene and cozy. Take a look around and see how freely and joyously some of the rarest species on Earth make this place their beautiful home.

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Mayura Thottam

Just like the enthralling grace of a dancing peacock, this locale is filled with natural beauty that will fill your mind with joy. It’s a safe haven for beautiful species of wildlife and an awesome retreat for visitors who wish to see the grace of nature.

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Muthu Nagar Beach

The golden sands, sight of the deep blue sea and the vastness it brings along, the cool breeze that calms you down – Muthu Nagar beach in Tamil Nadu is a location that any beach lover will instantly fall in love with.

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Our Lady of Snows Shrine Basilica

Our Lady of Snows Shrine, located in the heart of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, is a masterpiece of Gothic-style architecture and a glorious manifestation of the divine. This breathtaking shrine, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a beacon of faith, a testament to the enduring devotion of the Tamil Catholic community, and a site of profound spiritual significance for all those who seek to draw closer to the divine.

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The Holy Cross Church, Manapad

A wondrous and sacred destination awaits you in the serene town of Manapad, nestled amidst the vast expanse of Tamil Nadu, India. The Holy Cross Church in Manapad, a marvel of architectural brilliance, stands as a testament to the grandeur of faith and the magnificence of culture.

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Korkai, Thoothukudi

Nestled in the beautiful district of Thoothukudi lies the historic town of Korkai, an ancient gem steeped in rich culture and history. The town served as the capital of the Early Pandyan Kingdom, and its importance as a centre of trade and commerce is evident even today. The town is a must-visit destination for tourists and history buffs alike, offering a glimpse into the glorious past of South India.

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Listen to the tales of Kalugumalai, a town nestled amidst the foothills of a majestic hill range in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu. This land is a treasure trove of ancient history and natural beauty, waiting to be discovered by those with a heart for adventure and a soul for wonder.

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Kattabomman Memorial Fort, Panchalankurichi

In the verdant countryside of Thoothukudi, there is a place that holds within its walls the echoes of a bygone era. A place where legends were born and the spirit of independence burned bright. This place is none other than the Kattabomman Memorial Fort, situated in the serene village of Panchalankurichi.

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