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A sun-kissed beach that is located near to a glowing historic location; a venue to unwind and relax from the buzzes of city life. Welcome to Vattakottai Beach, one of the finest and most captivating beaches in Kanyakumari.

It’s not a shore brimming with life and activity, but a perfect location to relax and be one with Nature. Nothing bothers you here apart from the soothing sound of waves kissing the shores and the sounds of trees dancing in the sea breeze. Vattakottai Beach is a unique destination that is set in a romantic destination just beside the Vattakottai Fort. The beach and the fort together, creates an ambiance that will assure you once-in-a-lifetime experiences and bright memories.

Taking a stroll along this beach reminds us of the bygone times. It’s more of a walk into the past of the land and leaves us amazed about how far we have come from the times of monarchy. What strikes the most when you are at this beach is the majestic sight of the Vattakottai Fort – a historic construction which was built during the reign of King Marthanda Varma of Travancore. Once a part of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom, the fort and the beach were strategic locations from a defense point of view for the kingdom. After the states reorganisation in 1956, this area was added as a part of Tamil Nadu and has been a centre of tourism attraction ever since.

The view of the sea is stunning from this beach. Vattakottai is not a busy beach and is secluded to a great extent, making it ideal to spend time and relax. On your trip to Kanniyakumari, make sure to visit the Vattakottai Beach and the fort together.


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