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Gandhi Memorial Mandapam

On the shores of the sea nestles a living memorial for India’s greatest son. The setting is calm and peaceful – just like the messages of the great man himself. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Kanniyakumari, showcases the life and teachings of the Mahatma.

The life, sacrifices and messages of this legendary Indian is etched in golden letters in the history of the world. An inspiration to non-violent movements across the world and an eternal glow in the castle of democracy, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – better known across the globe as Mahatma Gandhi – is the most notable leader of the Indian independence movement. The Gandhi memorial in Kanniyakumari commemorates the memory of this selfless leader and is a living tribute to his life.

Located on the shore, not far away from all the bustling tourist hotspots of Kanniyakumari, the Gandhi memorial nestles in a tranquil setting with the sea providing the perfect backdrop. Also known as Gandhi Mandapam, the memorial also throws light into the rich history of India. Mahatma Gandhi had visited Kanniyakumari two times during the period when he travelled all over the country delivering messages of freedom and inspiring people to join the independence movement. Following his death in 1948, Gandhi’s ashes were kept in 12 different urns and transported to various parts of India for immersion. One of the urns was brought to Kanniyakumari and the Memorial is built right on the spot where that urn was kept.

The central part of the Memorial is a pink portico which is 79 ft tall and symbolizes Gandhi’s age at the time of his passing. The building draws inspiration from the Orissa architectural style. The building has a ceiling with an opening that has been built in such a way that on every October 2nd, which is the date of his birth anniversary, sun rays will fall on the same spot where the urn was kept.




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