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Away from the madding city crowd, nestling in a tranquil setting, lies a quiet beach that would mesmerise any visitor. Nettukuppam beach might not be a part of popular hype, but worth every visit you make. Come, be embraced by serenity.

Beauty needn’t always be defined by perfection. Sometimes certain imperfections add a tinge of timelessness to things. The same can be said about this splendid beach in Chennai – the Nettukuppam Beach. The shore is pristine, picturesque and relaxing. However, the face of this beach is a broken bridge that extends a long way into the sea, standing as an elegant imperfection that defines the destination in so many ways. It’s an architectural beauty that adorns the beach perfectly.

Located in the northern tip of Chennai, Nettukuppam Beach is a relatively silent beach and not one of those busy shores brimming with activity. However, thanks to the impeccable beauty of the beach, many tourists and locals visit on a daily basis, engaging in interesting beach activities. The beach is ideal to spend some peaceful time as the only rage around will be that of waves zestfully hitting the shore. There is a vantage point in the beach from where you get to see and enjoy the Chennai skyline. It is a sheer contrasting view to that of the silent and serene beach.

A concrete pier extends to the sea from the beach. It is commonly called the ‘Broken Bridge’ by the local people. The bridge is said to have been built to hold a dredger at the creek’s mouth many years ago. However, today the bridge is a source of fascination to everyone who visits the beach. In short, Nettukuppam beach is for sure a shore to be included in your bucket list.


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