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Get ready to be welcomed by a green carpet that Nature lays out for you; embraced by chilly mist that takes you to an all-new world of euphoria. Theni is much more than a destination, it is an experience in itself.

Speak of destinations from where your mind will just not want to go back, Theni will for sure be on the top list. One of the most picturesque locations in Tamil Nadu, Theni offers a traveller a whole new perspective of natural beauty and bliss. Located in the shades of the mesmerising Western Ghats, Theni will lure any traveller with its innate and intrinsic virtues. If you are looking for a perfect break from the hustles of city life, then Theni is indeed the place to be in. Watching the majesty of the hills and listening to the lulling tunes of Nature, it is going to be an experience like few others. 

Adding to the appeal of the destination are a string of cardamom plantations, along with coffee and tea plantations. The economy is mainly agricultural with a variety of crops cultivated including sugarcane, cotton, millets, groundnuts, grapes, mangoes and so on. Grapes are harvested throughout the year unlike many grape growing countries that end their season towards summer. Cotton spinning mills and sugar mills are also major industries in the region. 

Theni district has a large amount of forest land home to flora and fauna of diverse kinds. About 33.70% of the land of the district is covered with forests. No wonder the quality of air and the charm of nature here is unparalleled. The soul of these forests is reflected in every single scenic spot spread across the place – from riverbeds to waterfalls and dams to hills. 

Theni is for sure going to be a never-before and never-again experience.


Kumbakarai Falls, Theni

Take a memorable drive from Madurai along the beautifully laid road dotted with trees on either side. The drive itself is a pleasure and what awaits you at Kumbakkarai falls is sheer joy. The scenic spot in the foothills of Kodaikkanal enjoys immense popularity among the famous tourist sites in Tamilnadu

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Suruli Falls, Theni

The beauty of Suruli waterfalls is such that it finds mention in the epic Silappathikaram. The place has an untamed appeal which offers an exhilarating experience for the tourists.

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Marvel at the sky piercing mountains cloaked by clouds and carpeted by tea plantations at Meghamalai. A quiet hilly village where you get to experience the quaint nature and the simple village life. Tour the hamlet, make new friends, taste the local cuisine and savour the unique landscapes of Meghamalai.

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Situated near Munnar is this world's highest tea plantation known as Kolukkumalai, a hamlet in Theni district in Tamil Nadu.

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