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Take a memorable drive from Madurai along the beautifully laid road dotted with trees on either side. The drive itself is a pleasure and what awaits you at Kumbakkarai falls is sheer joy. The scenic spot in the foothills of Kodaikkanal enjoys immense popularity among the famous tourist sites in Tamilnadu

Get ready for a trek before you reach the waterfalls. It would be more than rewarding. Once you are there, let the beauty sink in and follow the course of water. Originating in Kodaikanal hills, the water flows along in stages. The water seems to take a pause in the crevices of wide rock and then it gently meanders down before transforming into a spectacular waterfall from a steep rock. There are small pools named after various wild animals like elephant, tigers etc. Take in the sublime beauty of this place by spending as much time as you need. Wade into the pool, take a shower and relax yourself. By the time you leave, you will be raring for more. You get a chance to dip in the pristine waters of Kumbakarai falls and don't be surprised if you feel rejuvenated. That's what the place does to you. Make sure you pause in front of a stone inscription that recounts the discovery of this beautiful waterfall. Dedicated to Chellam Iyer, a local business man, the inscription details how he foresaw the potential of this place and converted it into a picturesque place.  

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