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Crocodile Park

Here they rest, in a pensive mood; sometimes looking as if lost in thoughts or meditation and at other times frolicking in the cool pool that is all theirs. The Crocodile Park in Tamil Nadu is indeed a place of great interest.

Crocodiles are among the most spectacular species on the Earth. Whether in the wild or in protected sanctuaries, these imposing creatures never fail to fascinate the spectators. However hunting, along with the loss of habitat and forest land has to a great extent affected their numbers and some species of them have become endangered. It is with a view to preserve and protect these species that the Crocodile Park was established near Chennai in the year of 1976. The park is also a herpetology research station and a reptile zoo. 

Located just 40 kms to the south of Chennai, the park commenced its operations with a mission to protect three endangered species of crocodiles – the saltwater crocodile, the mugger crocodile and the gharial. These species were nearing extinction at that point and the work of the Crocodile Park was crucial to their survival. With 8.5 acres of land, the Crocodile Park is the largest crocodile sanctuary in India and includes one of the world’s largest assortment of crocodiles and alligators. The centre has the distinction of having bred over 5000 crocodiles and alligators to date. 14 of the 23 existing species of alligators and crocodiles are represented in the park. Apart from crocodiles and alligators, the park is also home to 12 endangered species of tortoises and turtles, 5 snake species like King Cobra and a variety of lizards. Apart from these, over 60 species of birds have been identified in the crocodile park, making it a blissful location to visit and spend time.

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