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Golden sands, cool sea breeze, great ambiance for the perfect day out – it’s a beach of dreams. VGP Golden Beach has a charm that is unmatched. The pristine shore shines brightly all day, making it a beach lover’s paradise.

The amazing coastline of Tamil Nadu boasts of a number of pristine beaches that can be compared with the finest in the world. Some of these are famed and visited by thousands of people everyday. However there are some amazing gems in the list that are lesser known to tourists, but among the best in the State. The VGP Golden Beach is one such wonder beach that offers a beach lover the best of experiences. It’s a beautiful shore from where your heart will never bother to return.

There is a reason why the VGP Golden Beach stands out among Chennai’s most exotic beaches. It is a part of a larger establishment – the VGP Universal Kingdom which comprises one of the finest resorts in the State and an enthralling amusement park. The beach is named so, because of the golden colour of the sand that invites people to the destination. Located 30 kms away from Chennai, this family beach resort cum amusement park is a great place to escape into from the bustles of city life.

The property stretches across 33 acres of land and is equipped with cottages, halls for various professional and private functions and other world class luxurious amenities. One of the star attractions of a stay in the resort is of course the beach itself. Guests from all parts of the globe get to enjoy the coziness of the Golden Beach, which is well managed and one of the cleanest beaches you will find in Tamil Nadu.


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