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Mahabalipuram Beach

It’s a shore that witnessed several historic moments that defined the course of South India. The coastline evolved with time and is today one of the most visited tourism destinations in Tamil Nadu. The Mahabalipuram is a spot worth every hype.

Mahabalipuram is a destination of rich history. From ancient temples to splendid monuments, Mahabalipuram gives tourists a handful of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Though the town has come a long way from its glorious past, reflections of those times still linger in the region, fascinating those who come seeking it. A busy tourism hotspot these days, one of the factors that make Mahabalipuram an all-round destination is the breathtaking shore; and predominantly the Mahabalipuram Beach.

Located about 58 km away from Chennai, Mahabalipuram Beach is a perfect choice for beach lovers. Located along the east coast, the beach offers the best that the Bay of Bengal shores offer tourists. Thanks to the amazing sun, sand and water experiences, Mahabalipuram Beach is visited by millions of tourists annually. Golden sands, glittering sea, deep blue sky that seem to extend to the end of the horizon, architectural splendors that adorn the region – Mahabalipuram beach is for sure an exciting place to spend time in. The world-famous Mahabalipuram Shore Temple is situated just beside the beach, adding to the charm of the space. The beach is considered an ideal getaway for various leisures such as sunbathing. If you are into adventurous pleasures, then windsurfing and swimming are also great ways to enjoy the beach. The tides are ideal and the sea is generally considered great for various adventure sporting activities.

Moreover, every visit to the quaint town of Mahabalipuram is a package that gives you many memorable experiences that you will cherish forever


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