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A shore that brims with beauty, history and legends; virtues that have lasted generations and will continue to be so for all the times to come. Ariyaman Beach in Rameswaram is an idyllic spot to spend a splendid vacation full of great experiences.

Tamil Nadu is naturally blessed with a splendid coastline that is 1076 km long. This vast coastal belt along the Bay of Bengal has gifted Tamil Nadu with some of the finest beaches in the world. Shores that reflect the resplendent beauty of the region, the beaches of Tamil Nadu are among the most-visited in India by tourists from all over the world. Ariyaman Beach in Rameswaram is one such splendid beach that welcomes visitors with its golden sands and peppy waves.

Ariyaman Beach is located about 21 km away from the town of Rameswaram, yet carries the quaint and poetic feel of the temple town. A place of great significance in history, the beach and the town offers tourists the best of both the experiences. Nestling in serenity, a little far from the mainland of India, Ariyaman Beach is shored by the Gulf of Mannar, making it one of the most picturesque locations in the region. The trees on the shore and the sea itself make an interesting combo. The place is ideal for families to come and spend a great time off with various beach activities. For adventure seekers, the Ariyaman Beach is a perfect spot to try out some water sports, embarking on a cruise of thrill. Bring your camera along and get some wonderful snaps of once-in-a-lifetime vacation moments right here at Ariyaman Beach.

With the historic town of Rameswaram and many other tourism attractions nearby, Ariyaman Beach is for sure a destination worth many visits.


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