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Sangumal Beach

Sun-kissed sands, serene waters, a resplendent shore brimming with natural beauty – here is your picture-perfect vacation spot that you would love to visit over and over again. Sangumal Beach, rich with variety of amazing experiences is indeed a must-visit destination in Tamil Nadu.

The vast coastline of Tamil Nadu has several surprises in store for a discerning traveller. Quaint towns that take you back in time, modern cities that would captivate you by their sheer urban beauty, tranquil villages that embrace you warmly – the experiences are vivid and splendid. Some of the real gems of this coastline are the amazing beaches that attract millions of tourists annually. Sangumal Beach is one such treasure that will mesmerise any traveller with its charm and warmth.

One of the finest beaches in Rameswaram along the east coast of Tamil Nadu, Sangumal Beach is a perfect choice for an adventurous and fun-filled vacation in Tamil Nadu. The blissful landscapes that merge seamlessly with the deep blue sea is a sight to behold. The sun-kissed sands are amazing and is an ideal spot for beach sporting activities. One of the favourite leisures for tourists at this beach is sunbathing. Visitors from all parts of the world can be seen on this beach, enjoying sun basking. The beach is also a great spot to enjoy the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. Yet another wonder of this region that allures visitors are the coral reefs. Boating services take you to the seas, letting you enjoy these magical virtues of the sea.

Situated along the Palk Strait, this beach is naturally gifted as it is located close to various tourism attractions that the region boasts of. That is why Sangumal Beach should for sure be a part of your Tamil Nadu itinerary.


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