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A shore with many lores that have been told across centuries; fascinating, enigmatic and poetic. Olaikuda beach, one of the finest beaches in the quaint town of Rameswaram is also a tourism hotspot in Tamil Nadu for more than one.

Rameswaram is one of the most important tourism destinations in India for various reasons. The rich history, the magnificent monuments, temples, the breathtaking coastal belt and much more. One amazing factor that can be added to this list are the beaches. The district has several splendid beaches that are visited by millions of tourists every year. Among these beaches, Olaikuda beach stands out for its calmness, tranquility and the various activities that one gets to enjoy on the shore.

A placid fishing town in the east coast of Tamil Nadu, Olaikuda is where you can feel time standing still. The Olaikuda beach is one spot that enhances the poetic beauty of the village. Engulfed with splendiferous coral reefs, the sea in this region proffers a visitor many unique sights. The cool sea breeze that flows in from the ocean makes this destination an ideal one to relax and enjoy the sights. Being a fishing village predominantly, you also get to see various sea species such as lobsters, prawns and sea cucumbers. The sight of fishermen going about with their routines is something fascinating. What makes the Olaikuda beach even more captivating is the sighting of various bird species. These include seagulls and flamingos that can be seen flying around in the coastal belt.

Located conveniently at just 2 km from the town of Rameswaram, the beach is a perfect spot for visitors to enjoy an all-round beach experience.


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